Find A Slip And Fall Lawyer To Protect Your Business

If you are a store owner and someone claims they were injured in a slip and fall at your store because of negligence, you need an attorney. It would be best if you did not try to handle a case like this on your own because you could admit something to the other side that could end up with you having to pay them a lot of money, or you could miss something that would let you win. [Read More]

Costly Mistakes People Make When Pursuing Payments After Vehicles Hit Them

Have you sustained serious bodily harm in a vehicle crash? If this is the case, you have a right to pursue payment. Unfortunately, you can lose your right to get compensation if you take the wrong steps after the collision. Therefore, contact a legal advisor for guidance if you don't know what to do after a driver hits you. They will advise you to avoid the following mistakes to ensure you get the payment you deserve. [Read More]

Ways Your Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You During Your Case

Following an accident, a person could be subjected to immense financial losses due to the medical expenses they incur and lost wages. For these individuals, working with a personal injury lawyer can be an effective option for pursuing their case so that they can receive justice in these civil matters. Act As An Intermediary There are many valuable services that a personal injury lawyer will be able to provide their clients. [Read More]

Working While Receiving Workers' Compensation Benefits: What To Know

When your workers' compensation doctor clears you to return to work, you may be wondering what will happen to your workers' compensation benefits. Read on to find out more.  Partial Salary Benefits If your injury caused you to be unable to work, your doctor may order you to remain home and recuperate. While you do so, you can earn a partial salary. The amount varies but it's usually about two-thirds of your usual pay. [Read More]